Over the years, we have obtained broad knowledge and experience as software and product developers. We would like to share this knowledge with our customers.

Analysis, Consulting, and Development

You are confronted with a demanding development task?

Our experienced consultants and developers assist you in analysing the problem and in designing and implementing a stable and robust solution.

Scala und Haskell Training

You would like to improve your productivity and learn how to develop better software in shorter time?

For our daily work we mostly use the functional programming languages Haskell and Scala. We could convince ourselves that these two languages offer significant advantages over mainstream languages such as Java or C#. Our instructors have many years of experience in teaching and are very enthusiastic about conveying this knowledge to beginners and advanced programmers. Courses are scheduled by demand either in our labs or at your facilities.

Product Development

You have an idea for a new product in the mobile applications market? You need a team experienced in product development with expertise in modern techologies?

We are keen on supporting you in every phase and aspect of new product development including market analysis, requirements engineering, user experience design, large-scale application and systems architecture, implementation, test, deployment and maintenance.